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AboutUsBecker Automotive Restoration, LLC. is a classic car restoration shop with expertise and awards in restoring automobiles to the level of quality that exceeds your expectations. From simple restorations to Concours d’Elegance quality, you can trust us when it’s time to bring your dream to life.

Unfortunately, many of customers bring their restorations to us because they’re frustrated with missed promises, unexplained expenses and sub-standard work. The craftsmanship, talent and passion required in classic car restoration is quickly disappearing. You need a team of experts that can restore your automobile right the first time.

When you bring your automobile to us, it will be the last restoration you’ll ever need. We’re not an inexpensive, fly-by-night shop that focuses on quantity instead of quality. Instead, our goal is to provide excellence in everything we do. Quite simply we provide the best value, highest quality and most qualified shop you’re likely to encounter. We can restore your automobile to any level based on your desires and budget.

Meet Don Becker: Shop Owner

Don Becker’s passion for restoration began at a very young age. As a boy, he looked forward to time spent with his father working on the family’s cars. Restoring classic cars is more than a passionate hobby for Don. It’s a lifetime commitment to the art and craftsmanship of every single part that breathes life into the past. From the time he picked up his first wrench to the end of each day, Don’s joy comes from a day of restoration well done.

Cars aren’t just for driving. They build connections, relationships and memories that last a lifetime. Don remembers every car his family owned and the memorable family outings that they shared. These memories that he treasures and reminds him of just how special classic cars can be to every single owner.

After graduating from Northern Arizona University, Don’s interest in restoring cars became more than just a hobby and he began his own restoration business. For three decades, he and his restoration team have restored and customized classic cars from around the nation.

Becker Automotive Restoration, LLC. is a full service shop that treats every classic car restoration with excitement and enthusiasm. We can’t wait to help bring your dream car to life. Contact us today.

Drive your passion.
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