Looking for Classic Car Body Repair? Get a Show Room Finish!

Looking for Classic Car Body Repair? Get a Show Room Finish!

Classic Car Body Repair

Buying a classic is only the first step in a long, but rewarding process. One of the most important pieces of the restoration puzzle when it comes to classic car body repair is finding a place that will know how to restore your classic to its former glory. Most classic cars, appreciate based on the condition as well as what’s been done to the vehicle. Repairs or alterations can affect a classic’s value, so to protect your investment, it’s best to leave the repair and restoration to the professionals.

Becker Automotive Restoration, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality classic car restoration service available in the industry. We focus on every detail no matter how small, to ensure that your car is restored to a Concours or pristine show room finish.

As you evaluate classic car body repair shops, it’s important to consider the following.

Past Experience with Your Make and Model

You can’t expect one restoration shop to know everything there is to know about every automobile ever built. If they claim to have this ability, you can bet that they’ll be “a master of none.” If they’ve never performed a classic car body repair on your type of vehicle before, your car could end up being a learning experience for them – not a good thing.

A Thorough Knowledge of the Car History

The restoration of your specific classic should be handled by experienced restorers that have detailed knowledge of the car, including your car’s history. These professionals will be passionate about your make and model and will show their appreciation through their work. Bottom line, the expertise, and experience of the restoration shop you choose will have a direct impact on how well the project is done.

References and Real Reviews

Ask for references, read online reviews, talk to the previous customers if possible, to find out if they are satisfied with the shop’s work. Word of mouth is also a great way to find a good classic car body repair shop. If you belong to a club (if you don’t, join one) ask fellow members for recommendations.


When it comes to restoration, a classic car body repair can turn your vehicle into a beautiful work of art, or make it look like a shiny piece of junk. How long they’ve been in business, and the depth of experience will help determine the kind of quality you can expect. It’s a good idea to stop by the shop you’re considering for a tour and ask to see before and after pictures of some of the classic car projects they’ve completed.


Classic car restoration is an extremely detail oriented process, so you’ll need to be patient. Even more important, don’t decide on a shop just because they can promise a faster turnaround because it’s typically the best shops that have a waiting list. The actual time frame will depend on how much work needs to be completed. In some cases, the project can take over a year. Don’t rush it – enjoy the process. It will be time well spent.

Classic Car Body Repair Price

Classic car body repair is going to require a substantial budget, but you’ve probably already figured that out. To get a good idea of what it might cost, consult with someone who has a lot of experience with restorations and fellow classic enthusiasts who have gone through the process themselves.

To learn more about our classic car body repair process click here.

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