How to Evaluate the Best Classic Car Shop in Phoenix

How to Evaluate the Best Classic Car Shop in Phoenix

Classic Car Shop in Phoenix

If you’re new to the world of car restoration, finding the best classic car shop in Phoenix needs to be your top priority. Whether you are in need of honest, expert advice or are ready to move forward with your restoration project, choosing the right shop will both save you unwarranted expense and help make your experience fun and gratifying.

Expertise with Your Make and Model is Important

If a classic car shop advertises that they specialize in restoring European classics like Mercedes or Jaguars, they’re probably not the right choice if your classic is American made and vice versa. In most cases, classic car shops typically won’t be experts in every car ever manufactured. That said, there are shops that, thanks to their years of experience and expertise, take it a step further than most.

Value for Value

The right classic car shop in Phoenix will provide you with a detailed cost estimate to help you make an informed decision. If they’ve done a great job during the consultation process and with the estimate, you’ll feel like you’re getting “value for value.” One way to spot an unprofessional, high-risk car restoration shop is if they’re reluctant to provide you with a comprehensive cost estimate and reasonable pricing.

Why You Need a Classic Car Shop

If you’re going to be investing in a restoration project, it’s imperative that you use a classic car shop – this can’t be emphasized enough! It’s a major problem in the industry – body shops promoting themselves as “restoration experts” when they’re not. Make sure you choose a classic car shop in Phoenix that has real world expertise, experience, and the advanced equipment necessary to deliver the classic beauty your envisioning.

Reviews and Referrals

Always ask for references, getting a few names of past clients that you can contact and who can vouch for the work the shop can perform. If they’re a reputable and well-established shop, they should be able to provide you with plenty and be happy to do so. You’ll also want to look up and read through online reviews to verify their track record.

They Should Love Talking About Classic Car Restoration

Finally, regardless of how busy the shop is or how well known they are, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about asking a question about the car restoration process; from simple maintenance tips to complex questions about materials and systems. In other words, the right classic car shop in Phoenix is going to be one that loves classic cars just as much as or even more than you do!

Find a Classic Car Shop in Phoenix

Our classic car shop is located in the Phoenix Area. To take a peek inside, click here.

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