Spring Tips for Classic Car Owners to Get Your Car Ready For the Road

Spring Tips for Classic Car Owners

Spring Tips for Classic Car Owners

The beautiful weather we live for is here, so it’s time to dust off your classic beauty and get it ready to hit the road. Here are a few spring tips for classic car owners that will help ensure that yours will be ready and in tip top running condition.

Perform a Detailed Visual Inspection

While you may not have driven it during the winter, your classic car has been subject to its environment, meaning that belts and hoses can end up cracking during the winter months, so they’ll need to be checked out. Visually inspect the wipers, tires, and seals because cold weather can cause them to crack as well. You’ll also want to check the wiring, insulation, and hoses for signs of rodent mischief. Be sure to test out and clean the battery too, and consider putting it on a charger for good measure.

Prepping the Tires

When it comes to spring tips for classic car owners, prepping the tires is one of the most important. The condition of your classic car tires needs to be checked for sufficient tread life and the rubber’s quality. Rubber can break down over time, and if this happens, the tires will need to be replaced. You’ll also want to make sure that there is enough air pressure in the tires.

Check All the Fluids

The fluids, including antifreeze and brake fluid, play an important part in ensuring that the vehicle runs well and safely. Brake fluid tends to pick up moisture, so make sure to have it checked out. Have all the fluids inspected and change any that require it.

Start it Up

Now it’s time to start it up. Just let it idle and don’t rev the engine. This is also a good time to check for fluid leaks under the car, making sure that everything is sealed up. If everything looks good and sounds great, move it out of the garage.

Now It’s Time to Wash and Wax It

Even though washing and waxing your classic before storing it for winter provides a helpful layer of protection against the elements that can cause corrosion, it can still get dirty. Have someone help during the cleaning process. While one person hoses down the car, the other can check for leaks along the window and sunroof seals. Like hoses, seals can dry up during long periods of storage. Next, thoroughly dry the car and apply wax to protect the finish and make it look great.

Spring Tips for Classic Car Owners

Now that everything is inspected, changed, double checked, washed and waxed, take it for a leisurely drive Don’t race it just yet. Listen for noises that don’t sound normal and pay attention to things that don’t feel right. If you stored your classic car appropriately during the winter, getting it back on the road won’t take that long.

Classic cars are a labor of love, and the spring tips for classic car owners listed here are key when it comes to taking care of your beautiful piece of history after it’s been in storage for a while. There’s nothing quite like getting a classic back on the road again on a sunny spring day.

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