Mustang Restoration Shops - Find One You Can Trust

Mustang Restoration Shops – Find One You Can Trust

Mustang Restoration Shops

If you could take your Pony to a restoration shop anywhere in the USA, which Mustang restoration shops would you consider to have a full Concours type restoration? The answer is that it depends, but here’s what you need to consider.

Past Experience with Mustang Restoration Shops

If you’re looking for Mustang restoration shops that can rebuild the engine, or get your potential beauty into show ready condition, it is highly recommended that you check out Mustang restoration shops that have experience with your vintage and model. It just doesn’t make sense to have a shop that specializes in European classics work on your Mustang.

A Thorough Knowledge of the Car’s History

Most expert classic car restorers recommend not to use a combination shop because collision expertise isn’t the same as knowledgeable restoration expertise which includes knowing the car’s history. This means that attention to detail will more than likely suffer and a lack of experience can end up delivering disappointing results.

Three References and Real Reviews

Let’s face it, the reputation of a shop is extremely important and should be the key consideration during your search. The best Mustang restoration shops will be able to provide you with at least three references and access to real-world reviews. Taking the time to dig a little deeper at this state of the game will save you a lot of potential grief down the road.


Once you have a few Mustang restoration shops to consider, call and speak to the owners or on-site restoration specialist. After checking out reviews you probably have a good idea of the work they do, but the quality of the shop itself and customer service skills are important considerations as well.

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Talk with the professional about your vision of the completed car, and find out if it’s a project they can handle. A superior shop owner/manager will be happy to go over their experience and the restoration techniques that they use. It’s also important to check out the shop, looking for organization, cleanliness, whether the classics can be worked on indoors and if they have insurance coverage for the vehicles, they store on-site.


The important thing to keep in mind is that classic Mustang restoration projects can take months to finish so you should make sure to ask the shop owner how long they believe your project will take. While timing can vary, a reputable shop will be able to give you a ballpark time estimate once they evaluate what needs to be done based on your goals. That said, bear in mind that better Mustang restoration shops will typically have waiting lists that can range from months to years.

Fair Price

Once you feel comfortable with a restoration shop, you’ll need to go over all the details about the costs of the restoration. Find out the estimated price for the services you’re looking for and if there are any potential unknown problems that you should be aware of up front. If you’re evaluating Mustang restoration shops, give me a call. I’d love to answer your questions and give you a tour around my shop.

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