Signs Your Classic Car Brakes Are Failing

Signs Your Classic Car Brakes Are Failing

Signs Your Classic Car Brakes Are Failing

When it comes to taking care of your classic car, your brakes are one of the most important safety features to maintain. It may sound obvious, but having your classic car brakes fail in the middle of rush hour traffic could lead to devastating results. It’s important that you know signs your classic car brakes are failing.

Brake systems have changed dramatically over the years. Depending on your classic car you may have one of the following brake systems:

  • Mechanical Drum Brakes
  • Hydraulic Power Assist
  • Power Brakes
  • Disc Brakes
  • Anti-lock Brakes
  • Dual Master Cylinder

For each type of system, make sure your restoration team has the knowledge to properly repair and maintain these systems as well as the ability to obtain parts. Knowing where to find rare parts is often a challenge.

Signs Your Classic Car Brakes Are Failing

Knowing when to bring your classic car in for brake repairs is important. The most obvious are squeaking brakes and shaking when brakes are applied. Excessive travel in your brake pedal is another tell-tale sign. Just like modern day automobiles, regular maintenance levels are recommended for pads and fluid.

Having an inspection of your classic car will save you roadside troubles down the road. Systems will fail over time. Be proactive and make sure your brake system is safe and functioning properly.

Upgrading Your Classic Car Brake System

Older cars will require you to check out more than just the pads. Older systems worked on single circuit brakes if they fail you have no backup. For example, rubber lines can develop cracks over time. You may want to consider updating brake lines especially if you’re going to be driving this vehicle on weekends or on a regular basis.

Depending on the level of use your classic cars brake system can remain OEM, or you may want to upgrade the system to more modern brakes. We can all agree stopping the car is a number one priority. Have a seasoned technician consult with you for a proper solution.

Brake systems have evolved over the years. Becker can help you with the right system for your vehicle. We can’t stress enough that making sure your brake system is up to date and ready for today’s open road. Freeways and stop-and-go traffic are stresses older systems have difficulty managing.

Come by the shop and let us take a look at your current system. We’re happy to explain what your car needs so that you can feel safe driving down the road and turning lots of heads. Give us a call today at (480) 449-3561.


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  • My uncle has a classic car that he had restored and he was worried about what he would do if anything went wrong with it. You mentioned that the signs of failing brakes are the same as modern brakes, such as squeaking, shaking, and excessive travel. I’ll have to ask my uncle if he’s noticed any of those, and if he has an auto shop that carries the right kind of brake parts. Thanks for the very informative read.

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